Affordable Drum Lessons
in Binghamton, NY

Binghamton Drum Lessons (a.k.a. Drum School 2000).
The ultimate in rock drumming techniques.

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Accepting new students

Mike teaches at his home in Johnson City in his spare time, but he rarely teaches more than a few students at a time each week, so call him now! He may also come to you and provide drum lessons in your home under certain conditions or a prior arrangement.

I have been playing drums in the Binghamton area for more than 35 years. I took lessons from the late, great Tony Monforte for over ten years and have played in several bands, everything from country to alternative to heavy metal. I’ve also opened up for such national acts as Foghat, Rare Earth, The Good Rats, and Horse Power. Drumming is not easy. It takes dedication and coordination, but if you need a good stress reliever this is the instrument for you! So call me now and sign up for drum lessons today. Thanks!
Michael J. Morrissey

Mike offers top-notch, one-on-one lessons for novices and experienced drummers alike, from basic rudiments to more advanced techniques as well as reading and writing sheet music.

Lessons are once a week for a 1/2 hour session during which you will get hands on instruction, discuss your progress, and receive your practice assignment for that week. The only materials you will need are the lesson books which can be purchased locally, a pair of drum sticks, and of course a drum set to practice at home. Contact Mike today to LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE DRUMS!!!

(607) 744-8138


(607) 744-8138